A peek inside the MISO war room – $350m incident response story

The Bug The DutchAuction smart contract inherits the BoringBatchable utility contract that allows callers to batch different calls together. There is a commitEth function in the auction contract that uses msg.value to know the amount of ETH commited by the user. If the user commits more ETH than the contract’s capacity, the contract refunds the […]

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Vision and Motivation

About Me Allow me to start by telling a bit about myself. I began developing websites when I was in high school, I have now completed my Undergrad in Computer Science, Although over the course of time, My interests have shifted from web development to Security and Distributed Computing. Blockchain is one field where both

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Welcome to my blog!

Hello and welcome to Mudit Gupta’s blog! I will be using this blog as a platform to share my views on various topics. Most of the posts will be about the blockchain technology and dApp development on blockchains using languages like Solidity and tools such as Truffle. I plan on starting by sharing some tips

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